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Her powers are too strong, though, and have led her to live in chosen confinement. Stefano Ferraro is the definition of a playboy. Stefano has always believed this was an ability unique to his family, but Francesca Cappello, the newcomer in Chicago, is about to put that theory to the test.

The first installment of the Psy-Changeling series introduces readers to the world of the Psy, where emotion and passion are absolutely forbidden. And so the series begins with Lucas Hunter, a changeling who is hunting the Psy who attacked his packmate. The only way for him to infiltrate the Psy world is through Sacha, a Psy struggling to fight her own desires. For readers who: think that paranormal romance meets The Matrix sounds like their jam. While Merit previously spent her days pouring over textbooks to write her thesis, she now spends her time learning how to be a vampire, and trying to fit in with her new undead peers at Hyde Park mansion.

For readers who: want a vampire series they can sink their teeth into pun absolutely intended. In response, Queen Victoria sends the gorgeous but unpredictable werewolf Lord Maccon to investigate. Will she be able to clear her name? But when she accidentally kisses the Prince instead of murdering him, she flees the scene in a hurry.

Instead of a glass slipper, she accidentally leaves her dagger behind. Prince Marius is a pretty understanding vampire. For readers who: always thought Cinderella could really be kicked up a notch with a subplot involving attempted murder.

40+ Paranormal Romance Books with Bite

Iris is a daytime concierge at the Half-Moon Hollow — which basically means she runs daytime errands for vampires. This all changes when she finds her latest client Cal poisoned and offers to let him hide out at her place for a while.


She can still keep up her boundaries, Iris tells herself. She is, of course, very wrong. For readers who: enjoy a good dose of humor injected into their paranormal romance reads. And Ashlyn and Maddox can both confirm this. Ashlyn has just arrived in Budapest to meet with the Lords of the Underworld: a group of supernatural men who claim they can help her put an end to the voices that torment her. But can they resist the passion beginning to burn between them — and if so, for how long?

When Pleasure Rules A Rouge Paranormal Romance Beck Jk

The Fury family is legendary for its powerful magic. Can Persephone ever take her destiny into her own hands — and independently decide whether her powers are a curse or gift? Lexi Merrill is a pragmatic bartender who gets by on her logical and critical nature. Thus, when Eryx Shantos comes into the bar one day and seems too good to be true, Lexi believes he must be, and vows not to give him a second look. For readers who: enjoy alternate world fantasy. The last ten books in this list have all been published in the last 12 months.

In the outskirts of Aspen Creek lie a couple of werewolves emotionally broken from a devastating past. One day while on patrol, werewolves Charles and Anne interrupt the abduction of one of the exiled wolves. Unfortunately, they arrive too late to prevent violence. And so begins their quest to track down the attackers and put an end to the legacy of dark witch magic that has brought the pack pain and devastation for far too long.

You know what Cyndi Lauper says: Love is a battlefield. And GhostWalker Gino Mazza, a professional killer driven by demons and basically devoid of a soul, can confirm.

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Two things are certain: one way or another, Gino needs to find Zara, and he also needs to not get distracted by the feelings of desire that have started bubbling under his cold, harsh demeanor. It also follows Gemma, the lonesome druid. Some people, like Harley Merlin, are just intuitive. How did she come to have these powers? She has no idea, because her ancestry is a mystery to her. However, this mystery starts to unravel a little when Harley meets a young warlock called Wade Crowley, who introduces her to a world of magical beasts and covens. Of course, when you go searching for buried secrets, you often find more than you bargained for.

Even if it means sacrificing his mind and life. The destiny of the world rests on the shoulders of preteen Fallon Swift. Presently there is no transportation to the eBook shop. The particular books in a eBook shop can be downloaded quickly, sometimes for free, occasionally for any fee. Not merely that, the online variation of books are usually cheap, because publication houses save their print plus paper machinery, the advantages of which are transferred to customers.

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But with each book there is the sub-plot of the main couple. They have all had different paths, skills, and winged creatures who reside in their souls. Each Just when I thought I couldn't like this series anymore, Lyons mixes it up. Each couple is called a "soul mirror", they are each a half of the soul and to be free of the curse and live forever they must find their other half and bond pledging their faith to serve the Wing Slayer God.

The variable is always the witch that is their other half. There are many varying witches, from fertility to siren. But with this story, the Wing Slayer Key and the witch Roxy are part of a timeless love story involving a Dragon and his lover. They each have to give in to who they once were and trust each other.

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Definitely a top book in this series. Key has always been one of my favorite characters in this series, so when I realized that in this book he was going to be heavily featured I was really happy. Key is still haunted by his manic drawing. He now seems stuck on a woman, but he can't see her until one day he draws her being tortured. Then he runs across this woman at a convention where he is featured, but she isn't he only thing that he finds. It took a lot for Key to talk and get Roxy to trust him. Roxy is very gun shy due to her own Key has always been one of my favorite characters in this series, so when I realized that in this book he was going to be heavily featured I was really happy.

Roxy is very gun shy due to her own issues with her family. She was determined to let her magic die until Key barged into her life. Both Key and Roxy have lots of issues to work through. It is a good think that they have the others to help them out. They find that they have been betrayed by family and need to depend on each other and a dragon to get through. I loved seeing the way the other Hunters and Witches rallied around Key and Roxy. By their actions and words they proved that they are a family and family sticks together. This review may contain spoilers.

Key's book was one that I really wanted to read, but I was quite hesitant to do so, since in most series, when I look forward to a character's book, I'm almost always disappointed.