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They linger in the places that mattered to them, and people avoid those streets, lock those doors, avoid going into those rooms…The ghosts can hurt you. Worse, they can change you. The Chaos Function , by Jack Skillingstead March A war reporter is drawn into a mysterious world of shifting timelines, machines that control probability, apocalypses both nuclear and biological, and a secret society that has the power to shape history—and save the world.

Upon a Burning Throne , by Ashok K. Banker April In a world where demigods and demons walk among mortals, the Emperor of the vast Burnt Empire has died, leaving a turbulent realm without a sovereign. Two young princes, Adri and Shvate, are in line to rule, but birthright does not guarantee inheritance: For any successor must first pass The Test of Fire.

Gather the Fortunes , by Bryan Camp May In a mythical and magical New Orleans, an inexperienced psychopomp searches the world of the living, the Underworld, and the Worlds to Come for a missing soul whose absence threatens the delicate balance between life and death. Set in the same world as The City of Lost Fortunes. America is in turmoil.

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The A. Liz finds herself caught in the middle of a battle she never chose. Life on Mars may have been deadly, but at least up there she knew who the enemy was. Sequel to Retrograde.

How to Write a Short Story with 11 Easy Steps for Satisfying Stories

Happy reading! Because Ann Leckie wrote it. Is that too simple? Corey March The universe of The Expanse keeps getting larger, and each new installment ramps up the tension and leaves readers on the edge of their seat.

Fans of the series are absolutely going to love the latest entry. And it is definitely worth catching up on. Pre-Order: Add to Bag. The Burning White , by Brent Weeks August Since the beginning, Brent Weeks has been upending expectations and delighting his readers with twists and turns—heroes have become villains and villains have become allies. And, not to give any spoilers, but the answer is going to surprise everyone. Abercrombie revolutionized the fantasy genre with his debut, The Blade Itself.

His upcoming epic fantasy, A Little Hatred, is going to exceed his own high standard. With whip-smart characters, action-packed battles, political backstabbing, and extraordinary worldbuilding, A Little Hatred is sure to be one of the biggest fantasy novels of the year. The City We Became , by N.

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The City We Became is her first novel to take place in our world and the modern day. Set in New York City, this stunning book is an exploration of power, class, race, myths and gods, and what makes a city truly a city. This book is something special, and I am SO excited for everyone else to get to read it. David Mogo grumps and stamps his way reluctantly through a cinematic mission to defend his home city from the depredations of malicious gods, while trying to protect those he loves and restore a world broken by disaster. Caught up in a vast conspiracy to destabilise society, Amanda has to outwit corporations, governments and the manipulations of a dead ex-lover to survive.

Based on the world of his own hit graphic novels, editor Ian Edginton brings together Stephen Baxter, Emma Beeby, James Lovegrove, Leah Moore and much more great talent in a beautiful dystopian steampunk anthology. Think James Patterson by way of Iain M. Banks in a tense, claustrophobic story of intrigue and treachery on the edge of survival. Franz wakes up the morning after he was supposed to die of consumption and is recruited by shadowy other beings to investigate weird deaths: his first case, a stage performer who apparently hangs himself and survives in his show every night, and a string of unrelated suicides across the city….

Nisi Shawl, author of the critically-acclaimed Everfair and co-author of the award-winning Writing the Other, has put together a wonderful, life-affirming anthology of stories by up-and-coming authors of color. Find out who everyone will be talking about in the next few years. Journalist Alex Dolen, writing about the ground-breaking work at the billion-dollar Sioux Crossing Supercollider, is caught in a horrific accident that utterly transforms him and challenges the very foundations of what we know about the universe.

When a botched suicide attempt lands her in military prison, she finds herself back in the saddle in an old, battered shell, its AI system as broken and traumatised as she is. Ancestral Night is the kind of wild, big-ideas space opera that made me fall in love with the genre, and proves once again why Bear is a powerhouse of the genre.

This is powerful, gorgeous, heartbreaking science fiction that brings together art by two incredible talents—and Clipping will be producing new music inspired by the book like a game of Artist Telephone! This Is How You Lose the Time War July 16 follows Red and Blue, time-traveling agents from warring futures, working their way through the past to ensure that their future will succeed.

And then, Red and Blue begin to exchange letters. What starts as a battlefield taunt will grow into friendship—and more. Something that could change the past, the present and the future. Not that it ever went away, but the success of films like Get Out and The Quiet Place , and shows like The Haunting of Hill House and Stranger Things all seemed to blow-up just as the theatrical release of It blew the doors off what expectations for horror could be. The Twisted Ones, by T. Kingfisher September We have one other major horror title as well: T.

Pitched as The Blair Witch Project meets The Andy Griffith Show , this book kept me up late at night, reading with my heart in my throat, half-believing that every little noise I heard was an eldritch terror coming to get me. Set in a not too distant future when six major corporations have control of a debilitated earth, a war with colonized Mars is conducted by sending soldiers like Dietz across to Mars by transforming them into light, then back to themselves, but sometimes they come back, wrong.

Picking up just a few weeks after the end Trail of Lightning , Maggie looks into the rise of cult and its charismatic leader, Gideon, known as The White Locust. Roanhorse exploded onto the field in garnering the Nebula, Hugo and John W. Kiernan , by Caitlin R. Kiernan February Kiernan is one of the preeminent horror writers of her generation. Her work has mainly been collected in limited editions, and this definitive collection is available at long-last in an affordable paperback edition.

Kiernan always takes readers straight to the heart of disquieting emotional truths.

The Unicorn Anthology , edited by Peter S. McKillip, and of course, Peter S. Beagle, with a tale that is decisively not from The Last Unicorn. In a revisionist secanrio, there is plot to redistribute the power of dragons, and the Russian Revolution hinges on machinations both in the sky and on the ground. This is a book that uses superheroes to deftly explore the power of loyalty and love in times of political and moral struggle. Hurley is unafraid of the blood and viscera of life and death, or of strong women, men, and those who choose to be either.

Her stories are also surprisingly optimistic, and always clear-eyed about both the pitfalls and the promise of technological shifts, the alien and unknown, and the essence of humanity itself.

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Martin in its scope and all-encompassing bloody-mindedness. A Memory Called Empire , by Arkady Martine March This is a debut space opera that is layered, nuanced, and startlingly imaginative, with the deep politics and cultural awareness of Iain M. Banks, the political intrigue and linguistic gamesmanship of Ann Leckie, and the brisk pacing and action of James S.

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Corey—and yet it still possesses a voice uniquely its own. Kel Kade has created given us an awesome new take on the time old tradition The Chosen One and I am chomping at the bit to share their story with fantasy readers everywhere. In it, time travel is easy, but changing history is nearly impossible. The book is told from two points-of-view—Eliza, a time-traveling geologist from , and Beth, a punk rock teenager in Supernova Era , by Cixin Liu, translated by Joel Martensen October Supernova Era , a new novel from Cixin Liu, reads like Lord of the Flies but on a massive science fiction scale, and is equal parts poignant, gripping, and wildly imaginative.

The story opens in Beijing, in a schoolyard, with a class of children looking up at the night sky as a supernova event unfolds. From there, we soon learn that because of this cosmic event, everyone over the age of 13 is going to die within a year. The City in the Middle of the Night , by Charlie Jane Anders February On the heels of her bestselling debut fantasy novel All the Birds in the Sky , Charlie Jane Anders co-founder of i09 returns to the speculative space with this brilliant far-future novel of resistance and evolution.

Sophie, a young student and reluctant revolutionary, is exiled into the night on a tidally-locked planet where humanity clings to life between frozen darkness and endless blazing light. She survives by forming a bond with her enigmatic rescuers, but her return to life is more fraught than she could have expected.

This sophomore novel is a phenomenon in the making, setting an already acclaimed author on her way to Le Guin-level stardom. Two sisters, one with magic, and one without—after years of estrangement—meet again over the gruesome murder of a faculty member of Osthorne Academy for Mages.

Commutability, stories about the journey from here to there

Sarah Gailey is well on their way to becoming your new favorite writer, already having garnered interest with their award-winning non-fiction essays and brilliant short fiction, now set to break out with this debut novel. What more do you people want from me? With a pitch-dark aesthetic, a grandiose scale, and a garbage-fire sense of humor, Gideon the Ninth is everything I could have wished from Tamsyn Muir.

Come, join me, as we all become goths together. Miranda in Milan , by Katharine Duckett March As the son of a Shakespearean, a former super-high-school-level Gonzalo, and a maven of wistful queer narratives, I could never have resisted Miranda in Milan. It also has everything to offer those less interested in Shakespeare, with ghostly mysteries, masked balls, and bad wizard parenting of the first order. Plus, Miranda gets to kiss a girl. I think Middlegame might be yours, too. Hossain August Unlimited sex, booze, and world-altering power! Hidden categories: All stub articles.

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Allegiances: A Raven Walker novella. Raven is protecting the Deland family while she seeks to destroy the one who cursed her. Vampires move into New Orleans and their masters seek allegiances, creating new problems for Raven and her friends. This is the next chapter in Raven's story after her Birth into Darkness, with more extreme powers and more lethal than the mighty machaira where she finds herself in the midst of Southern Louisiana, during the 's battling more than just the undead.

Dark Intentions. Seven years later, the Human-Undead War rages on.