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  1. Are Ninjas Real?
  3. The 7 Most Famous Ninjas of Feudal Japan

This line brings up more questions - How did they first get in contact? What were their interactions like?

She describes what allegedly happens next with a single line - which is repeated throughout the song. Presumably the innocent girl is 20 year old Zheani and the sick individual is Watkin Tudor Jones.

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Did Jones perform some kind of ritual on Zheani? Ugly on the skin but fucking uglier within You claim your golden hearted but your heart is black as sin. People have speculated who this song is about, including myself when I first heard it in , and generally concluded it's probably about du Toit.

Could this song actually be about Zheani Sparkes?! Of course it is, about the time to freak the sorcerers. He trafficked me to Africa, that was your bright idea Filled me with fright and then the demon appeared. When she tells him she needs time to build confidence for it he becomes more aggressive.

He insists that she is speaking to him like a girl and "not like a witch". After a wall of text about "being a witch" Zheani informs Watkin that he is a "huge energy that has just walked in on me and is almost threatening". She then goes on to communicate to him that he is "intimidating" and that she "needs to build confidence to converse on the level you and I both want".


He seems to ignore this message and continue to insist that she "GUSH" for him. The "illicit photos" that were sent to actors involved with the "Chappie" movie were actually of Zheani. Watkin forwarded these messages to her in Anri du Toit reaches out to Zheani on Instagram in She follows up with an email claiming that "Ninja" Watkin Jones "showed me ur tumbla blog On July 25th, Zheani's drink gets spiked. She feels the effects for days. Strangely, it is at this time that Watkin Jones insists that Zheani go to Africa to visit him and du Toit. After about a year, Zheani has had no contact with Watkin Jones and is flown out to model with Cara Delevigne.

He tells her that he has written the hook and is going to write the verses after she and him meet in Africa. Watkin Jones describes a polygamous relationship in which there would be him and three other women. The submissive role of "The Plain Girl" had yet to be filled. He describes all of their roles in detail and at length. Zheani announces that she will debunk Anri du Toit's public statement that was made on Instagram in the wake of the initial release of the song.

In Australia, the legal system does not work in favor of people speaking out against their alleged abusers.

Are Ninjas Real?

In Australia, despite her providing evidence, she is potentially open to being sued for Defamation. The story is still developing. Underneath the flashy Trap sound that has dominated the pop charts for the past few years; there is a beast bellowing, waiting for its time. An undertow of abrasive and subversive music is aching to hit a wider audience.


Remember Me. Lost your password? What Happened with Zheani and Die Antwoord?! All Metal Everything March 11, Zheani vs. Sixteen Jones It is on record that Zheani and Ninja and Yolandi hung out sometime in - there is photo evidence of this. Soft Private school boy your fronting You jacked white trash gangster style but I came from that Nightmare You fake fuck In , the group was accused of stealing their whole style from street kids who went under the name "The Glue Gang Boys".

Yes our music and videos are crazy as we are Surreal Artists. The views expressed by people and organisations quoted in this article are not the view of Music Feeds or its employees. For help or information regarding mental health, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on I dont usually respond to these things as people say shit abt me all the time.

Me and ninja broke up in I started seeing someone else. And Ninja had a bunch of girlfriends at the time. One of them was a fangirl from Australia called Zheani, who Ninja invited to south africa to visit him. She accepted the invite and came to visit shortly after. As you can imagine it was a lil awkward cos our break up was still kinda fresh. I bumped into Ninja and this girl and she asked me for a foto. My first impression of her was she seemed like an obsessive DA fan girl — her hair was cut exactly like mine but she also seemed sweet.

The 7 Most Famous Ninjas of Feudal Japan

Ninja told me aside that after meeting her in person, he didnt really have chemistry with her. Shortly after this he cut the trip short an she returned to Australia. But Ninja felt bad because he said she was a nice person. And they stayed friends on txt. A year or so later cant remember exact dates we played at the Big Day out Festival in Australia. Zheani hit us up and asked us if she could help us get Vegan food on tour. We said yes as i thought that was a cool idea.